Building with Awareness: The Book


Architects have a language of their own; 2D complicated drawings and incomprehensible specifications for the building trades, jargon and incomprehensible writing for the public. Ted Owens is different; he wants to communicate. He has told the story of building his strawbale hybrid house on a DVD; in a series of posts on Treehugger; on his own comprehensive website, and now, a book. However it is unlike most architectural books, Ted's is laid out with pictures, arrows and notes to be easy to read, understand and follow. He even appears to have invented a form of hyperlink for print- red lines connecting highlighted text to the appropriate picture.

It is a terrific presentation, clear, concise and informative. You have seen the movie; now get the book. ::Building with Awareness, available from ::the author, found at ::Ballenford Books

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