Building Storeys: Making Historic Buildings Hip

neesam photo

Timothy Neesam, The Shadow Collective

Zaha and Rem don't do building restoration; it is green and creates a lot of jobs, but it's not cool and doesn't get you on the cover of the right magazines. Even at a conference like Greenbuild the subject doesn't draw flies. We can rail on that the greenest brick is the one that's already in the wall but let's face it, Howard Roark didn't do renos.

That is why the Building Storeys exhibition is such a breakthrough.

hoy photo

Tammy Hoy, The Shadow Collective

It the offspring of the May-December affair between the oh so proper Heritage Toronto, "a charitable organization that works with the citizens of Toronto to advocate for, preserve and promote a greater appreciation for our city's rich heritage," and The Shadow Collective, "a collaboration of photographers, based in Toronto and Buffalo, NY, with the aim of bringing together images of a similar theme. Each photographer brings to the table a passion for exploration and a love of photography."

neesam photo

Timothy Neesam, the Shadow Collective

Of course it is on at the Gladstone Hotel amongst the trendy new art galleries, in the midst of a different audience than the one that usually looks at pictures of old buildings. Which is precisely the point: to attract a new generation, a different crowd, to the cause of preservation.

Peggy Mooney of Heritage Toronto describes the joint venture. Sorry about the background noise.


Building Storeys at the Gladstone Hotel through February 22, 2009

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