Building Blocks at Kid-O

There was a bit of a tiffle in the comments at Apartment Therapy about whether Kid-O’s high-design toys were for the kids or really for the design snob parents. We’re staying out of it, but we will say this: every kid needs a set of building blocks, and these stringable ones are extra cool. The Signa Blocks, shown here ($85 USD), were designed by Kurt Naef and Sarah Preston for ages 3 and up, and the wood comes from ecologically supervised forests. Have a look at sets for other ages in the extended post. Available from the New York shop or online. ::Kid-O [by KK]

1-2 years: Toddler Blocks by Kurt Naef ($150 USD)—Kid-O suggests older kids try cantilevering their constructions.


6 years and up: Bauhaus Blocks by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher ($150 USD)