Build It Green in Astoria, NYC

A new resource has opened for TreeHuggers in the Green Apple metro area. Built It Green is a non-profit retail outlet for salvaged, surplus, and green building materials that’s located in Astoria. According to the shop’s founder, Justin Green (how apt!), New Yorkers throw away 13,500 tons of building materials every day, but only about 40% of that mess gets recycled. Lots of those materials--such as doors, sinks, hardwood floors, lights, and wood--are in good condition, and this dumpster diver passes the findings along to you. You’ll also find never-used surplus building materials direct from manufacturers and retail stores.

Got somethin’ that needs gettin’ rid of? You too can donate your unwanted stuff, which will be sold to raise money to continue our program and fund other programs like environmental education at a park on the East River. Thanks for the tip, Remy C! ::Build It Green [by MO]