Buenos Aires Garrahan Hospital: Recycle for Health


Buenos Aires based Garrahan Foundation, which contributes with the public pediatric hospital by the same name, has developed a great system to generate monetary resources to buy medical equipment from the incentive of paper recycling.

The program works very simply: the Foundation provides a cardboard box for each enterprise, school or house that wants to contribute, and then collects the used paper to sell it to a paper recycling enterprise.

This initiative started in 1999, and it has already recycled 16,000 tons of paper. A semester's economic results are around 400,000 pesos (around 130,000 US dollars), which are destined to medical equipment, infrastructure arrangements, professional qualification of nurses and doctors and the maintenance of the Foundation house, that serves as a home for the families that come to Buenos Aires from the provinces for medical assistance.

It's good to remember that paper recycling doesn't only save trees, but also energy and water that are used in the process.

::Garrahan Foundation