Budget For A Brighter Future

A few weeks ago, I discussed the recent actions President Obama has taken that I think are fantastic. One of those is the amazing budget plan he's put forward - which he discussed in a TV address last night. As the budget debate heats up, I'm trying to tell more people about why it deserves widespread support.

President Obama's budget recognizes the need for major investment in clean energy, and, by doing so, will create millions of new jobs and make America a leader in renewable energy.We put together a video with highlights from last night's speech from the President and more information on why this budget should be passed. Our budget page also includes a take action allowing you to contact your member of Congress to tell them to pass a budget reflecting President Obama's priorities.

To transform our economy, end our dependence on oil, and create millions of new jobs, we need to make a shift to clean energy. I feel as if I say this all the time, but it's a message worth repeating, and the President's budget emphasizes this shift in priorities by including plans to put a price on global warming pollution using a cap-and-auction system that requires polluters to purchase 100 percent of the pollution permits they need.

This is the kind of shift we need in the U.S. - and you can tell your members of Congress to pass a budget that reflects President Obama's priorities.

A budget that makes polluters pay and eliminates billions of dollars in giveaways to Big Oil will fund our transition to a cleaner, greener economy. Additionally, tens of billions of dollars from the planned pollution permit auction are returned to consumers in the form of a tax cut. This and other elements of the president's program will protect consumers from any potential increases in energy prices.

President Obama's budget aims to:
--Modernize federal buildings and slash the federal government's energy use by 25 percent. --Weatherize low-income homes to save working families money.
--Create a new, smarter electric grid for the integration and use of greater amounts of renewable energy.
--Increase funding for the EPA which allows the reinstatement of Superfund's "polluter pays" program.
--Help communities modernize their wastewater and drinking water treatment plants.
--End - once and for all - the misguided and costly plan to store our nation's nuclear waste at the unsafe and unproven Yucca Mountain site in Nevada.

And much more. The list goes on, and you can read more about it in the talking points offered on our budget website (PDF) - it's a solid foundation for our country and the next step in a series of great moves toward a clean energy economy for the U.S.

Congress now has the chance to pass a budget plan that reflects President Obama's priorities and that will enable him to begin implementing his clean energy agenda. Tell them to get on it right away!