Buddha as a Pear, Kenyan Blacksmiths, Stuck Limos, Houses Eaten by Plants and More!

boing september 8

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at Boing Boing. Enjoy!
Kenyan blacksmiths make bellows from cement sacks Check out two ingenious blacksmiths whose bellows have been improvised from cement sacks
Pears grown in the shape of the Buddha If you're trying to be more Zen about your food, you might want to try out these Buddha pears!
Nuclear transport trucks in US look surprisingly like regular old trucks Should trucks carrying nuclear waste look at least a little more identifiable?

Click through for more odd green news. Spreadsheet of every TED talk as of 9/2/2009 We love TED talks around here. Here's a spreadsheet someone put together that lists every TED talk available for viewing.

Stretch limo gets stuck Woops! Yet another reason stretch limos aren't a greenie's best friend.

What the world will look like if/when the oceans rise Interactive Flood Maps show us how familiar land contours will change as the oceans rise.

Delightful crosswalk sign alterations These make walking an even more fun form of green transportation.

Interactive map of Manhattan in 1609 Explore Manhattan, minus all the buildings, roads, and car horns.

Detroit houses being eaten by nature Check out some strange houses gone feral.

Alan Graham's automatic chicken door Our very own TreeHugger Alan shows off his automatic chicken door for his eggcellent chickens.

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