Bruce Sterling Annotates Kunstler

Science fiction writer and "visionary in residence" at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Bruce Sterling is one interesting fellow and a major thinker (read his Viridian Manifesto) of the "new" environmental movement. He seems to be all around the internet at times, and his latest oeuvre is an annotated version of "What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?" off The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler, who we've covered and interviewed in the past. The short notes are sometimes sarcastic, but they raise many good points (or counter-points, rather) to balance some parts of Kunstler's thesis, and to defuse some others. Worth having a look.

::Viridian Note 00449: The Mad Max Scenario, via ::WorldChanging, ::Bruce Sterling's Blog