Brooklyn Botanical Garden Celebrates its Centennial with a Bee-Day Party


Photo: blathlean under a Creative Commons license.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is turning 100 tomorrow, and you're invited to a day of music, dance, films and education, all about one of our favorite populations...bees! The free, day-long event is not only a celebration of the research and service of the BBG, but also an effort to educate the public about the challenges facing bees globally, most importantly colony collapse disorder and declining populations.

The day kicks off at noon with a screening of "Vanishing of the Bees," a documentary about colony collapse disorder, by its directors, George Langworthy and Maryam Henein. Watch the trailer:

Other presenters include renowned apiarist Dennis vanEngelsdorp, photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher, New York Times nature writer and home apiarist Verlyn Klinkenborg, and Children's Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman. Musical performances vary from the indulgent- twenty dancers in bee costumes dancing to "Flight of the Bumblebee"- to the old school- the 60s inspired Sweet Divines and soul singer Maxine Brown.

The bee-day party features a range of activities for children and adults alike. Sam Comfort of Anarchy Apiaries will lead a session on the joys of organic and sustainable beekeeping as well as a bootcamp for beginning apiarists. Kids can take a fragrance garden tour, make bee puppets and go to hands-on science workshops. Botanical garden curators will be giving tours for adults as well.

Of course, no bee-day party would be complete without more puns than you can shake a stinger at. Here are our top four:

  1. Live Bee or Die

  2. To Bee or Not to Bee

  3. No Common Scents

  4. Bee Yourself

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