British Charity Launches Climate Change Green Guide for Muslims

Muslim Green Guide image

Tomorrow in London the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) will launch a Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change at the Islamic Cultural Centre and the London Central Mosque. The 20-page guide explains the impact of climate change using Islamic references and encourages Muslims conserve water, heating, electricity, and consider public transport. The guide also promotes recycling and offers tips on the environmental impact of food products. The booklet has been printed in time for Ramadan, and IFEES says it hopes it will help Muslims reflect on their actions during the holy month while fasting. IFEES has established itself as perhaps the only internationally recognized body articulating the Islamic position on environmental destruction. The charity also promotes practical actions through research, publications and workshops for Muslims to lessen their environmental impact.

The guide was published jointly by UK Lifemakers and IFEES, with Muslim Hands, the Nottingham based charity contributing production costs. The guide can also be downloaded on the IFEES web site.

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