Bringing the Art Out of Managua's Trash Dump Community

Day of Light from Love Light & Melody on Vimeo.

In an effort to lighten the load of those dealing with extreme poverty, non-profit Love, Light and Melody brings music and awareness to La Chureca, the trash dump community of Managua, Nicaragua. They've created this sadly beautiful video on an annual music event held in the community. But their effort doesn't stop with a day of music and art. Love, Light and Melody is working to become an expert on the trash dump community, and alleviate the burdens of the people living there. They help fund the feeding program, recreation, and art classes at a school in the community, and are working at setting up a property in Managua to serve as a vocational school, medical clinic, and recreational center for children and families.

Check out more of what the advocacy group does at Love, Light and Melody.

Via The Daily Dish
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