Bringing No Impact Education into the Classroom

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In 2007, Colin Beavan led his family into a year-long adventure that would change their lives. During the No Impact Experiment, the Beavan's challenged themselves to live, in the middle of New York City, without making a net impact on the environment. It required a lot of changes, and a few sacrifices, but in the end taught them to appreciate a lifestyle the never knew existed.

Now, Colin has made the No Impact Project available to teachers as a free curriculum complete with lesson plans and activities.The program is built around five lesson plans that can be used together or individually. Lessons and activities are targeted at social studies and language arts classes but can be modified to address the needs of other classes.

No Impact Project explains:

This curriculum uses these tools to help middle and high school students explore the effects their everyday behavior has on the environment, their health, and their well-being. It will also challenge students to think about how the systems in our present society influence our lifestyle choices in ways that often are not good for environment. Finally, it will guide students to take action both individually and with others to bring about positive change.

The lesson categories include consumption, energy, food, transportation, and water.

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