Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon "Slow Jam" BP Oil Spill News, Dave Matthews Speaks Up Against Mountaintop Removal, and More (Video)

We'll keep this one short, the video is hilarious--just watch it! NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show Tuesday night, we watched it first on Ecorazzi. The "slow jam" covers the BP oil spill; the need for renewable energy; and it goes something like this, "Green energy could change our lives, then we wouldn't waste money like The Real Housewives." But that's just a sampling view it in its entirety, above.

Hear Dave Matthews speak out against mountaintop removal coal mining and hear from South Park's Trey Parker explains the motivation behind the "Whale Whores" episode, after the jump.

Dave Matthews Supports NRDC, Speaks Up Against Mountaintop Removal and Massey Energy (Video)

Video via NRDC Switchboard
Dave Matthews sat down for with Rob Perk from NRDC Switchboard before the Music Saves Mountains concert on May 19, to benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council's campaign to bring an end to the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. In the video interview, above, Dave Matthews speaks up against mountaintop removal. He says, "It's gone to this whole different level, this aggressive, ambitious wholescale destruction of the landscape...It just needs to be stopped. It's unforgivable behavior."

Livia Firth & MADE Jewelry Collaborate on an Eco Fashion Bag

livia firth bag colin firth photo
Left, The "Livia" Bag; Right, Livia Firth and her husband Colin Firth. Images via Vogue UK.

As followers of Livia Firth's, the eco-fashionable wife of Actor Colin Firth, Green Carpet Challenge in which she attended a bevy of awards shows dressed in ethical and sustainable threads, we were delighted to see on Vogue UK that she has designed an eponymous hand bag. Through a collaboration with MADE Jewelry, known for their fair trade practices and use of recycled materials, the handbag or "shopper" is made with Masai leather in a fair trade factory. Livia speaks to the bag's design in a blog post on Vogue, she says, "We wanted to incorporate Made's jewelry, too, so the leather is offset by a bag charm from their Nairobi workshop that doubles up as a bracelet. This isn't an 'It-bag' that will be discarded when the season passes, it's a bag that lasts a lifetime." For our Euro readers, this bag is available for £160 at Eco-Age and Made.

South Park Creator Trey Parker Explains the Motivation Behind "Whale Whores" Epidsode (Audio)

If you caught the South Park episode titled "Whale Whores", which was inspired by The Cove and Whale Wars, you may have walked away a bit miffed that the show condemns Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew (we wrote about it back in October). Vegetarian Star posted an audio commentary today that features Trey Parker and Matt Stone chose to make fun of the environmental activists on the Animal Planet show. Honestly, I've never seen Whale Wars, but I know there are die-hard fans out there. Tell us what you thought of the episode--if you saw it--and what you think of the commentary in the comment section, below.

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