Break Me in Two, Pleads Point 65's Tequila! Kayak (Video)

Point 65 tequlia kayak photo

Photo: Point 65

Roof racks decrease a car's fuel efficiency by anything from 5%, through 10% or more. And that's empty racks. Stick our favourite sports toy up on your cars roof and watch you fuel economy plummet by up to 27%, according to Ecomodder.

Folding mountain bikes like the Montague Paratrooper can be slipped inside, to return a car to its designers intended aerodynamic sleekness. But a robust roto-moulded polyethylene kayak? The only time they fold is when they get wrapped around a boulder in a whitewater river, right? Not anymore. Sweden's Point 65 now offer a snap-apart Sit On Top kayak.The Tequila! was created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito, who normally works on projects for the likes of Porsche, Scania Trucks and Pirelli. On this occasion he borrowed an idea from ski bindings to come up with the patent pending Snap Tap System, which enables the two halves of the Tequila! to be connected in just 10 seconds.

The 14 kg (30 lbs) kayak is considered suitable for most aquatic adventures with the exception of touring and expeditions. But that caveat seems more a feature of the lack cargo and protection true of any Sit On Top kayak, rather than it's the snap-apart design. We deduce this because Point 65 call the Tequila! a high performance kayak rating it 5 out of 5 rating for wave surfing, and for maneuverability.

Yet the clever design doesn't end there. The snap-apart function allows for an additional segment to added amidship extending the Tequila! into a tandem kayak, so two people can enjoy the fun.

All up it comes across as a smart design the not only promotes human-powered recreation, but reduces the cost of buying roof racks, and their associated environmental impact on fuel economy and carbon emissions.)

::Point 65, via ISPO Brandnew
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