Bread & Butter — Fashion Fetish For Charity


The Fashion circus has come to town this week in the form of Bread & Butter, a fashion fair held twice a year in Barcelona and Berlin. And what a spectacle it is full of beautiful people modelling gorgeous threads for the coming year. Although is if you are looking for some retail therapy you’ll be disappointed. This is a window shopper’s paradise, where you can’t buy anything because everyone is showcasing for next season – this is future cool! To alleviate this frustration Bread & Butter have created Fetish For Charity, a carefully selected collection of key or ‘Fetish’ pieces which you can buy and all the proceeds will go to charity. We like to see a bit of depth being given to the perfectly glossy facade of fashion. A particularly pertinent piece is a bag by our old favs Vaho. They have rather cleverly collected the ad billboards from last season’s BBB and recycled them into bags to be sold for charity this season. Smart thinking guys, recycling something old to be sold now to benefit someone else’s future – now that really is cool! ::Bread & Butter fetish for charity
[Leonora & Petz]