Brazil to Welcome New Woodstock in October 2010?

Woodstock 1969 Concert Photo

Photo: © Henry Diltz/Michael Lang.

Itu, a small town 100 kilometers from Sao Paulo, could be the location of a new edition of Woodstock, that little festival in 1969 that changed everything. Even though the event has not been confirmed, a well known advertising personality from Brazil is giving twitter updates and announcing they'll be able to talk about it in a month. More inside.Says Yahoo Brazil that the event would be a partnership between the company Groove Concept and advertising guru Eduardo Fischer.

Even if the businessman and his company have released notes stating that all news so far is pure speculation, he has written on his twitter account: "In 29 days we'll be able to talk about a big sustainability even that will need your participation. #WOODSTOCK AND YOU HELPING THE PLANET".

Yahoo Brazil goes on to say that the festival's creator, Michael Lang, has authorized the organization of the event, and that it would take place on October 07-09 in a ranch called Maeda, information that also confirms a2media.

Both say that bands could include Green Day, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan, although Fischer has made clear that nothing is official yet. However, the a2media blog noted that Pearl Jam could be giving some clues about their participation in Woodstock Brazil through their website.

There's also an event site at

What do you think? Is this happening? If so, we cannot wait! We'll keep you posted.

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