Brad Pitt's Green Wash, Gwyneth Paltrow's Fur Controversy, Miley Cyrus' Eco-Message, and More

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Ever fantasize about a hot, steamy shower with Brad Pitt? Well, now is your chance (sort of). The green-hearted celeb is hooking up with Kiehl's to support their new Aloe Vera body cleanser. ...In return for the power endorsement, all of the product's net profit will go to a foundation created by Kiehl's and the actor to support global environmental initiatives with regards to housing design. ....As you probably know, architecture is the actor's passion and put it to good use re-building eco-friendly homes in New Orleans. ...So, makes sense the first big chunk of cash will go to Brad's Make It Right NOLA foundation.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Fur Controversy:
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The fur is flying after Gwyneth posed in an ad for the fall collection of fur-lined boots and bags for the Italian company Tod's. ...The actress who often boasts of her ultra-green lifestyle and her organic vegetarian diet is getting slammed by PETA, who state, "Paltrow's beauty really is only skin deep." This poor little Gwyneth dig comes just a week after her charity snafu in the Hamptons, where she hosted a benefit to help save horses from slaughter. ...Guests doled out $2500 to attend and reportedly Ms Paltrow couldn't be bothered to mingle with the common folks. ...Apparently her "snooty" side got the best of her and Gwyneth stayed out of sight. Security was even in place to prevent anyone from making eye contact.
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Miley's Got A Green Message
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..Whether you like her music or not, you gotta love Miley's "go-green" message. The teen icon is poised to be her generation's eco-voice. . ....She recently released a snappy eco-anthem "Wake Up America" and got young teens thinking and singing a "greener" beat. Now Miley and her good friend Mandy have shot a go-green YouTube video. ...Set in Miley's bedroom, the two shout-out a number of eco-suggestions. ...Things like unplug your cell phone, make sure to recycle books and magazines, and not to use aerosol cans. ...Simple stuff, but still important for young kids to hear. Check out Miley's YouTube video:

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Joshua Jackson's Green TV Set:
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...The super-cute Joshua Jackson is all grown-up from his "Dawson Creek's" days, and is "heavily into the green movement." ...In the little things count department, the actor is encouraging the cast and crew on his new show, "The Fringe," to green up the set. Jackson tells me the production trucks run on blended bio-fuel and he never prints out his scripts. "I actually have all my scripts sent to my I-pod and/or computer. It's the first show I've worked on that does this."

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