Brad Pitt's Dream Green Job

brad pitt babel premiere

...As if this guy doesn't have enough on his plate. The soon-to-be father of six, is designing a new eco-friendly luxury resort in Dubai. "Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion," declares Brad. The actor promises the 800-room hotel will be 'socially conscious and environmentally sustainable' - following on from his work rebuilding New Orleans. So, with Brad's giant green heart - could he one day be the first eco-saint? I tease, people!

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Elizabeth Hurley Goes Organic


Elizabeth dumped Hollywood for the simple life on 400-acre English farm and experienced a green awakening. "I converted my farm into organic status. I grow all of my own crops and have my own livestock," this newly minted farmer told me recently. But her material side also sprouted and she's ready to cash in on her country living. She's created a "low-fat" cookbook and has hooked up an organic food producer to make pre-packaged meals.

Matt's Green Wheels:

damon cruises in tesla

...Matt Damon wants a Tesla Roadster. ..But even his star power won't over-ride the year-long wait list. So, the actor recently satisfied his "green" drive by taking a prototype out for a cruise around LA. "Driving a green car is one of the ways we can all do a little more, so i'm trying to do that." Now, if only the stars would cut down on all that jet fuel wasted on their private planes.

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Tom Hanks Eco-Message:

'I Am Not Plastic' declares Mr. Hanks or at least the actor does everytime he takes a sip from this re-usable waterbottle.


This eco-bottle campaign is partnered with actvist Laurie David's Stop Global Warming virtual march - which is an on-line movement to bring people together and demand solutions. Eco-conscious celebs, like Sheryl Crow, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Stell McCartney, are all on board.

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Halle Berry's Eco-friendly Nursery:


Halle's maternal instinct is to "go green." The new mom and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, spent a whopping $60,000 on eco-furnishings for three different nursies. (Apparently one nursery isn't good enough for this Hollywood princess). ...While it's easy to hate such excess, let's give Halle props for being organic. She got everything from sheets to stuffed toys that were made with cotton that had never had a mist of pesticide on it.

Kim Catrall's Fashion:

Kim On SATC Set

In SATC, Kim's character Samantha loves her furs -- but in real life the actress is suprisingly against it. She reportedly hated wearing a fur coat onscreen, even though it got splashed with red paint by animal activists. But in fairness, she donated the minks used in production to PETA, who will give the coats away to the homeless to keep warm this winter. "These days, the homeless are the only ones with any excuse for wearing fur," says a PETA rep.

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