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Brad Pitt continues to lend his talent on this 3rd season e2 for their latest installment titled "Transport." Episodes begin streaming on the web November 24 and then will air on PBS later this winter. Episodes span cities across the globe and look at not just commuting but also new, sustainable ways to transport goods and services.This third season of e2 tackles the issue of sustainable transport. Transportation includes mores than just the movement of people around cities and the world, but also movement of all the products we purchase, and moving the different pieces that go into each product. Episodes highlight solutions that individual communities are already implementing and testing. Over the 6 weeks of the program, solutions include:

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"London’s initiative to transform itself into a metropolis designed around people, not cars; the culture of the Vélib bicycle program in Paris, allowing Parisians clean, efficient transport along with a blooming bike subculture; an investigation of the distance traveled by food as it makes its way from the field to our homes, and the positive impact of investing in local food systems; Seoul’s restoration of the ancient Cheonggyecheon stream in its city center, revitalizing the economy as well as environment; the wisdom of Portland’s city planners which transformed it into a global model of transit-oriented development; and innovative technologies that are transforming air travel into an eco-friendly and efficient business."

Starting next week, the following episodes can be viewed online:

November 24: London the Price of Traffic

December 1: Paris: Velo Liberte

December 8: Food Miles

December 15: Seoul: The Stream of Consciousness

December 22: Portland: A Sense of Place

December 29: Change in the Air

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