Brad and Angelina's New French Home


Brad and Angelina have a new place to call home! The power couple are nesting on the French Riveria in a 35 bedroom palace, a perfect "little abode" for the pair, who are expecting their fifth and sixth child in August. ....A massive indulgence - yes! Yet, the 880-acre estate does come with an organic vineyard, according to - Sure that'll keep their eco-conscience in check!!! The Pitt-Jolie family, who signed a 3 year lease on the $70 million dollar chateau, will have plenty of playspace. ...Also on the grounds: an olive grove, 20 fountains, a private lake, and for their ultimate privacy, it's own forest.
...More eco-star tidbits on Leonardo Dicaprio, Sarah Jessica Parker

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio

Forget gas-guzzling SUV's, eco-hottie Leonardo Di Caprio gets New York City via a bike. Leo's green heart runs in the family. He and his mom were spotted pedaling it to an NYC art opening. Also, out there pedal pushing is Matthew Modine who teamed up with the luxury brand Tumi to launch 'Bicycle For A Day.' BFAD is planning events across the U.S. to get people to give up their gas-powered vehicles for a day. The first BFAD destination is NYC in September. Tumi is also planning to sell special bike bags and dogs tags to benefit BFAD and American Forests' Global Releaf.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker:

Ms fashionista channeled her inner green goddess at London's SATC premiere. Decked out in a celery-colored Alexander McQueen and a garden-inspired hat by Philip Treacy. And it was that 15-inch topper that got everyone's attention. The hat seemed to be a "go green" nod, complete with 2 butterflies and giant green rose. Whether Ms SJP planned her "green" style statement or not, we applaud her homage to Mother Earth.

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers:

Not all young celebs are posing topless or off to rehab! .The super-hot and oh-so wholesome Jonas Brothers are rocking a message of positivity! The pop sensations wear purity rings and devoted themselves to all things green. "We are on an initiative to go green, declares Kevin Jonas, "As a member of the younger generation we can change the world." To further their "go green" mission, the Jonas Brothers' packaged their upcoming cd, "A Little Bit Longer," in 100% recyclable material. "Except for the CD itself," teases Kevin.

90210 Returns:

The most popular zip code on TV is coming back. Beverly Hills 90210
Is spinning-off a new generation on the CW network. While, the revamped drama is sure raise eyebrows with its racy storylines - this generation of rich teens has an eco-heart — at least off-camera! Co-star Ryan Eggold says the production team is keeping it green on-set. "Anytime we have to do a photo shoot or need a lift to the set, the actors are only picked up Prius or hybrid cars," says Ryan, "We are never in big giant SUV's, which is cool."