Brad and Angelina's Big Gift, Roseanne Barr's Nutty New Life, and More

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took their family to the Naankuse Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia for the holidays -- and gave the lodge one very generous gift before they left.The couple -- through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation -- donated $2 million to the wildlife sanctuary where, according to the AP, their kids "helped feed and care for orphaned baby baboons and foxes and saw a leopard released back into the wild" while there in December. The sanctuary says most of the money will go toward offering free treatments for HIV, malnutrition, and other medical issues to the San bushmen who live on the property, while the rest will support conservation efforts in Namibia, where the couple's daughter Shiloh was born.

Roseanne's Nutty Life Change

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Comedian Roseanne Barr announced her new occupation -- macadamia farmer -- by making the obvious joke herself in a Chicago Tribune article. "Can you believe it," she writes, "I ended up on the nut farm!" Puns aside, Barr joins a host of other actresses who have traded urban Hollywood for rural farms: Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, and Gwyneth Paltrow have talked about their love for the farm life. Barr describes her "nut farm in Hawaii" as a place where her children and grandchildren roam around with wild pigs and turkeys that also live on the property -- and then settle down with some of her homemade white-chocolate-macadamia-nut cookies. "The gorgeous greenery, the ocean in the distance, the sound of the rain that keeps it all lush and fragrant: It's a sweet slice of heaven, and I hope everyone can find their own little slice of that, wherever they are." (Via Ecorazzi)

Ewan McGregor's Next Role: Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson?

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Fans of Paul Watson -- who heads up the anti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society -- have plenty of opportunity to see what he's up to on Planet Green's "Whale Wars", and an upcoming film about his early life will highlight his work pre-Sea Shepherd. Ewan McGregor is, according to Vegetarian Star, a front-runner for the role of bearded sea captain, though Watson says he wouldn't have minded seeing another actor play the younger version of himself: "I think he will do a good job, although I would love to see long time Sea Shepherd supporter Christian Bale take the part." Watson also says that McGregor isn't the first star to show an interest in his early life: Other requests have come from Sean Penn, Aiden Quinn, and Clive Owens, among others.

Got $18 Million? You Could Own Val Kilmer's Eco-Friendly Ranch

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Like Richard Branson -- who recently put the island where he'd planned an eco-friendly resort up for sale -- Val Kilmer is also working on selling his eco-friendly property: A 5,300-acre ranch in New Mexico that's been listed since 2009. Though he's dropped from an original asking price of $33 million to a more modest $18.5 million, he's also reportedly half a million dollars behind on his federal taxes -- and the IRS has filed a lien on the house until the balance is paid. Mother Nature Network reports that when the "Batman Forever" actor bought the property in the mid-'90s, he planned to "create a natural retreat -- complete with a future eco-village of homes 'constructed with indigenous materials' and required to have 'government-certified organic gardens' and renewable energy systems."

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