BP's Real Crisis Command Center Revealed (Photo)


Image via BP

An amusing footnote to the BP Gulf spill surfaced yesterday, when a blogger noticed that the oil company had (badly) photoshopped pictures of its supposed crisis command center in Austin, Texas. See the bizarre photos, and the proof of the photo-doctoring here. That photo above, in fact, isn't authentic. So what does BP's crisis command center truly look like? Boing Boing unearthed a photo of the real thing:


I knew it.

Love the pong, and how the guy on the bottom left is using Photoshop on the command center image. Also, that must be a chart of BP's tanking stock over there -- you know, the one that's lost far over half its market value in a matter of months.

That, BP, is how you Photoshop an image.

See the full size image at Boing Boing.

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