BP Gets Punked: 7 Best Oil Spill Pranks & Satires (Images)


Image via CAP News
May 27th Update: 'Top Kill' Attempt to Plug Oil Leak is Working, Says Coast Guard Admiral

Okay, so there's not much funny about the dire scenario continuing in the Gulf. But that hasn't stopped satirists and pranksters from dredging some dark humor out of the whole debacle. From a rogue BP PR Twitter feed to Greenpeace antics to a scathing image designed by a TreeHugger writer, here are the best ways to get a little catharsis out of the maddening affair.

1. Greenpeace: "Beyond Petroleum?"


As soon as it became clear that an oil company that had been publicly touting itself as "Beyond Petroleum" would be responsible for the worst spill in US history, we could all pretty much count on Greenpeace to enter the fray. In just two of its recent actions, Greenpeace brought a faux BP banner out to where the oil made landfall in Louisiana. Before that, they draped another from BP headquarters in London reading "British Polluters". Finally, they just landed themselves in hot water with the feds for scrawling 'Arctic Next' on a drilling vessel in crude oil.

2. Fake BP Twitter Feed, BPGlobalPR


The very dark humor spouting from a twitter feed posing as BP's public relations arm has turned some off, ushering "too soon" criticisms aplenty. But nobody is more pissed off about the Gulf spill than me (okay, maybe the locals whose livelihoods are ruined, and the conservationists who've worked diligently for years to protect the fragile habitats there, and ...), and I have to admit it's pretty damn funny.

3. BP's Containment Efforts Get Mocked

Image via CAP News

Mocking BP's hapless, everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to containing the leak, the satirical site CAP News "reported" that the oil company was readying a giant SpongeBob Squarepants to lower into the gushing oil geyser.

4. "Updated" BP Logo


TreeHugger's own Stephen Messenger updated the the BP logo to make it more, well, pertinent for our times . . .

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