BP Buys 32 Oil Cleanup Machines from Kevin Costner (Video)


I had to remove the live video embed because it annoyingly kept auto-playing. But if you click on the image above, you'll see it on ABC's page.
One More Tool to Combat this Interminable Oil Spill
A month ago I wrote something about Kevin Costner's machine that can separate oil and water. Back then, most of us thought that the oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico would soon be plugged and that this disaster would at least stop getting worse. Well, we know how that turned out... This catastrophe has been going on for so long that BP has had time to test one of Costner's machines, and they liked it enough that they just ordered 32. Check out the video below.
"We were confident the technology would work but we needed to test it at the extremes. We've done that and are excited by the results," said Doug Suttles, BP's chief operating officer. "We are very pleased with the results and today we have placed a significant order with OTS [Costner's Ocean Therapy Solutions] and will be working with them to rapidly manufacture and deploy 32 of their machines." (source)

Exxon Valdez Legacy
Costner was inspired to invest $20 million of his own money into an oil cleanup machine by the Exxon Valdez disaster. He said: "If 20 of my V20s [machines] would have been at the Exxon Valdez, 90 percent of that oil would have been cleaned up within the week."

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