Born again Fishing Lure

You slurp down your beer and get an instant sense of wellbeing. Not from the rush of alcohol but the knowledge you are going to recycle all that valuable glass. But what about the metal bottle cap? Er, well.... Yeh, thought so. Well, fear not. Norm Price has come to your rescue. He will turn your beer cap into an award winning fishing lure. Conceived in Alberta, Canada and now made in Quebec, these lures cope with fish up to 54 lbs (24.5 kg). Which is a good thing because they have twice been the winning lure of the Canadian Sport Fishing Championships. And if one brewer alone sends over 2 billion caps into pubs and restaurants ever year, then any program to reuse the things is a good one. Grab a sixpack (ha ha) for about $35.00 USD, and help employ some uni and college kids. ::Bottle Cap Lure Company [by WM]These caps would make a great match with Toray's biodegradable fishing line. Anyone have any other watery things this site should be posting on? Let us know. Comment right here or email: tips [at] treehugger [dot] com