Books: Diseño Ecológico by Joaquim Viñolas i Marlet

For the Spanish reading of you, here’s a great book on eco design, ‘Diseño ecológico’ by Spanish author Joaquim Viñolas i Marlet, very clear and useful as well as pretty. It’s a complete study of design and production in harmony with nature, analysing environmental problems (e.g. materials & health), making reference to nature (e.g. characteristics of organisms) and exploring the culture of recycling. It goes through historical and sociological basis from arts, crafts and theory to describing aspects of the new information & communication society. It also analyses eco companies and eco products and then leads to the basis of eco design. ‘Ecology as revelation: from saturation via emptiness to a new definition of design’ and ‘design & order’ as well as technical aspects are only a few examples. Finally it looks at different fields of eco design like graphic, packaging, product, textile, architecture, interior or transport design as well as urbanisation and landscape. A fantastic 400 page thick tool for any eco designer. Let’s hope they translate it soon!
ISBN: 84-95939-08-8, publisher: Blume, price: €59,9 ::Blume(under 'ecología')