Book Review: Woody Harrelson's "How to Go Further"

We really enjoyed reading "How to Go Further" as soon as we turned the first page. With its large color photos, simple steps to leading an organic life and Woody Harrelson's anecdotes throughout, it's hard not to think about what kind of footprint you are leaving on this earth. Told from the voice of Harrelson, the book covers a wide range of topics that Harrelson himself has learned about over the past few years, including organic food, alternative energy, yoga, and political activism. He explains how the book began with his "Simple Organic Living (SOL) Tour" in 2001 where he and his companions rode their bikes along the coastline of the West Coast (from Seattle to Santa Barbara). From the meeting of Ken Kesey, to a biofuel bus with their belongings, to meeting people along the way that cheered them on, the experience turned out to be life changing for Harrelson. He goes beyond mere posturing and shares his personal account of his transformation from a self-proclaimed "corporate drug addict" to raw food lover and yoga enthusiast. We also liked reading the writings of those that joined him on the SOL Tour including a yoga teacher, a raw food chef, a confessed "junk food junkie" as well as well-known activists such as John Schaeffer, founder and president of Real Goods, and Howard "Twilly" Cannon, former skipper of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior. Throughout the book, Harrelson gives enlightening examples of why one should begin down the path of simple organic living and his thoughts resonate with us.

"I can't let people who don't want to change stop my evolution; I've got too much at stake. Just like everybody else, I've only got so much time to make a statement with my life, and the question is, is that statement going to be the one I want to make? Is it going to be a statement that is in alignment with what I believe inside? I want to know that when I'm done that I stood for something, and that it was something that was right for me and right for the world. And if I ever lose site of that, all I Have to do is look into my kids' eyes and I'll get all the inspiration I need to keep going.

I often ended my talks on the Tour by asking the people in the crowd to answer two questions. First, do you think the world needs changing? And, assuming you do think the world needs changing, how would you go about changing it? The thing is, it might seem like there are lots of different answers to the second question, but the fact is there is only one right answer: change yourself first. That's it. Become your own ideal, the ideal that you want to see in the world around you. Then other will see you evolving and want to know what you're doing — that's how you change the world."

No matter how lightly you're treading on this earth, or if you're just starting out on your path, this book (made with acid-free, 100% post consumer recycled paper and soy inks) is one that we recommend you don't pass by. Available at