Book Review: Taking the EcoSeekers Pledge To Explore A Land Of Curiosities

It's always inspiring to see younger adults and children who are passionate about making a difference by exploring and caring for the environment, and even more so to read a book that is written especially for them. Land of Curiosities, the first book out of the Ecoseekers Collection, is one such book that seems to not only give an encouraging voice to the environmentally-conscious young people who will read it, but also will connect them via their Internet-based forums "in a community of kids across the whole world, telling their own stories, and working together to protect each other and our shared environment."

Started up by the brother-sister duo of David and Deanna Neil, Ecoseekers is an innovative and ambitious "eco-enterprise" aimed at educating kids about environmental issues such as conservation and cooperation. Through entertaining and engaging media such as well-researched books that have thoughtful lessons behind them, Ecoseekers gives young ones believable role-models to emulate. In addition to Ecoseekers' interactive and educational purpose to connect and teach kids, they are also committed to running an eco-friendly business, printing their books on recycled paper and with soy-based inks — and powering their website with solar power.
The book takes place in the 1870's, during the push to settle the American West, when the West really was wild and the bison still roamed the landscape freely. In the midst of this, Land of Curiosities presents colourful and adventurous characters and who are also in the thick of things, taking an active part in the unfolding historical events of the time.

The book's young brother and sister team, James and Alice Clifton, have just moved to Bozeman, Montana from New York City with their recently-widowed mother Mattie. Almost immediately, they become involved in an exciting journey out to the newly-designated Yellowstone National Park, as told through Ms. Neil's evocative and humourous words. Famous Yellowstone landmarks such as the Liberty Cap even make an appearance in the book as part of a lesson in conservation. Renowned American authors such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson are also mentioned, giving the book an authentic feel that will interest young readers to find out more. Through thought-provoking events, the characters' relationship with nature deepens as the story progresses and leaves the reader in anticipation for the next book.

Coming from an eco-business venture with a vision, Land of Curiosities is an admirable first publication geared to inspire a new generation of young people to join and take the Ecoseekers pledge to be responsible and proactive leaders who care for this earth.

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