Book Review: Small Living

Size matters; bigger houses consume more resources to build and to operate. Thats why we love showing designs of small spaces and reviewing books like Small Living. It is another anonymous European production (you have to dig to find that the "idea and concept" came from a Paco Asensio and "editor and original texts" are by Sandra Moya in Barcelona; it is then translated into english and printed and bound in China.) This is more like industrial production than publishing as we know it, but they have produced an attractive volume with excellent choices, although the text is often meaningless and less than useful. But hey, we buy these things for the pictures.

Included are Treehugger faves like the Wee House, Optibo, Layer House and many more. Two that we had not seen but liked a lot were the first, Markku Hedman's summer container from Finland, and the last, Drew Heath's Zig Zag cabin in Australia.(269 SF) Tasty eye candy in ::Small Living found at ::Ballenford Books