Book Review: Small Houses

Our mantra is "the key to happily using less is to design things better" so we asked Susan Delean, proprietor of Ballenford Architectural Books in Toronto, to show us the latest in books on small spaces.

Small Houses is from Carles Broto, prolific author of Compact Houses, (not to be confused with Compact Houses, do American publishers not look at what is published in the UK?). It introduces a series of exciting, modern designs for small houses, with extensive photography, pictures of installation, plans and details. Tim Pyne's M House never looked so good, but few of the others have been on TreeHugger or the usual design sites. A fascinating find was Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen's summer house in Jutland, below the fold. Few of the houses are from North America so most will be new to American readers. ::Small Houses by Carles Broto available at ::Ballenford Books


Summer houses are often about communal living; here the architect has designed sleeping spaces as alcoves off the living area. "Floor to ceiling glass panels on the south-west facade, that can be opened with ease, opens the house to the patio that runs the entire length of the structure."


"The house is like a wooden box with both the interior and exterior clad in boards of Siberian Lark. The pale concrete kitchen counters, together with a polished concrete inlay in the floor in the communal room, create a contrast to the warm glow of the wood."

Book Review: Small Houses
Small Houses is from Carles Broto, prolific

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