Book Review: Green Building For Dummies


The book Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies was recently sent to me for review. I was curious to see the "Dummies" take on this subject, because there are few books on green building aimed at the layperson. The book was penned by Eric Corey Freed of Organic Architect. We have featured Freed previously on TreeHugger. He manages a comprehensive survey of green building techniques in the book's 361 pages. You can read some sample chapters. I enjoyed the conceptualization and illustration of the "Perfect Green Kitchen" and the "Perfect Green Bedroom".

I also found the life cycle analysis of different building materials (such as glass and brick) quite illuminating. In fact, I'd like to see whole book devoted to life cycle analyses.

Another highlight at the end of the book was the last chapter: "Ten Green Things You Can Do in Your Home Right Now".

I was inspired to get up and immediately do one the things on the list.

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