Book Review: Fueling the Future

fueling the future.jpg

We spent the long weekend by the lake, reading Fueling the Future from House of Anansi, edited by Andrew Heintzman (co-founder of the late lamented Shift Magazine) and author and TV host Evan Solomon. A host of Canadian and international contributors are here: Ingenuity Gap author Thomas Homer Dixon writes about the obstacles to green energy inherent in the current system;

Geoffrey Ballard talks about Hydricity- Hydrogen as a currency of energy which can be stored and used in ways that electricity cannot. He even envisions plugging our fuel cell cars in at night to create electricity which is put back, into the grid.- why leave all that generating capacity unused?

Allison Macfarlane does a wonderful hatchet job on the idea that nuclear energy can ever fill the void;

Hunter Lovins discusses how efficiency should be the cornerstone of any energy policy;

Avi Friedman points out the obvious design changes that would save significant amounts of energy (use less space, build two storey, build townhouses instead of single family);

Ken Wiwa is remarkable on what oil has done to Nigeria;

Michael Brown writes a cute history from 2023.

There are a few others we have not yet finished, and we do not know what Jeremy Rifkin said because we do not read him on principle.

This treehugger has been a hydrogen skeptic, and usually runs from any bandwagon Rifkin is on. We still place ourselves in the Kunstler camp, but reading so many positive and optimistic experts with real science and experience behind them does cause some reconsideration... ::Fueling the Future