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For those living in Minnesota and wanting to go green, look no further than the Do It Green! Minnesota Magazine, (formerly the Twin Cities Green Guide). Now in its second year, the magazine offers over 100 articles on becoming more environmentally conscious around your home and neighborhood.

The magazine is not a "buy green guide," though there are some business resources on the last few pages, but rather a huge resource on how to get your hands dirty saving the planet. Each page includes a new article on a green topic, as well as additional business and reading resources, to provide you with more information. Some of the more interesting articles include: "Sue's Starters for Global Warming Action," "The Connection Between Recycling and Global Warming" "Who is Teaching Your Child?" "Good Neighbor Agreements" and "Eco by Stealth." "The How to Get Your Representatives to Listen" is written by Minnesota House of Representatives Elected Official Paul Gardner.More Inside Do It Green!

The theme for the magazine this year is Climate Change and the editors have included articles on how Minnesota will be affected by the changing climate, as well as, how Minnesotans are responding to it. The articles are all quick reads but packed with very useful information. I found myself skipping around, but easily getting drawn in by whatever was on the next page. There are ads for local businesses, including Bryant Lake Bowl's Organic Eggs, which are "plucked from under the butts of Larry's chickens for us since 1993."

The artwork and cover design were created by 4th through 6th graders and was specifically chosen to highlight the handmade rather than the technology driven. "This often means accepting imperfections (or better yet, relishing them) and reassessing how society views "good design."

What Else Does Do It Green! Offer?

The Do It Green! Minnesota website is really easy to use and full of, not just eco things you can purchase, but also events and workshops that the Do It Green Team puts on. They also have a monthly e-newsletter with green tips and educational events that the team is hosting. Anyone can access their materials, even if you're not in Minnesota by checking out their website or ordering a magazine. Topics include: Global Warming, Food, Goods & Services, Home, Gardening, Family, Energy, Recreation, Transportation, Environment, Health, Community, Business, Citizen Action, Education, and City Resources.

Do It Green! Minnesota is also looking to renovate and develop an Eco Model Haus for their learning center. The building will feature products that are included in many of the workshops, serve as a green resource center for the community and house the Do It Green! Minnesota offices. If you want to see specific topics next year, submit an idea or better yet submit an article to Do It Green! Minnesota.

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