Book Launch: Summer Rayne Oakes Goes on Tour with Style, Naturally

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TreeHugger regular, Planet Green contributor, business woman, activist and model - Summer Rayne Oakes is one busy lady. So it is an amazing feat of productivity that while promoting ethical fashion on all these fronts, she has also found time to author a substantial book about her specialist subject. Launched today on Amazon, Style, Naturally is a beautifully glossy production combining stunning imagery with factual information and an almost encyclopedic overview of contemporary ethical style, featuring many of our favourite brands. Click through to get a sneak preview (video) inside the book and find out the dates of Summer Rayne's book tour.For all the women out there
Style, Naturally is aimed at women "who love style, but may not have "environment" or "green" in their lexicon" says Summer Rayne. The approach is one of openly stylish seduction with 350 pages and 500+ images full of rich colours and beautiful images, showing how much fun we can all have with contemporary ethical fashion and beauty products.

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Consumer Friendly
Style, Naturally is very much geared towards the consumer showing the full range of what's out there and how, where and why you should find it. The book is divided into two parts Eco Fashion and Eco-Beauty with an introduction and brief history of each, tips of the trade and then several chapters on each area.

Educational and Personal
It also goes in depth featuring interviews with industry insiders including many TreeHugger favourites such as Galahad Clark of ethical shoe brand Terra Plana, Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes, Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin and in the beauty section Horst Rechelbacher the founder of Aveda.

We particularly love the exhaustive resource section at the back which gives the reader everything she needs to know about websites, books, magazines, organisations, textiles, certification and stores. Let it be said there is no shortage of information in this book.

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1% For The Planet
In addition to all the info inside, the book itself is printed on recycled paper, using vegetable-based ink and it is part of the 1% for the Planet initiative with proceeds going to ENERGY ACTION. Summer Rayne says "this is a group near and dear to me. In fact, I'm going to give a shout out to - which is the largest lobby/training day (put on by Energy Action) for climate change solutions happening this Feb 27-Mar register and come..I'll be there."

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An Eco-Style Bible
Summer Rayne Oakes' Style, Naturally is the perfect follow up to other great ethical fashion books that have been published over the last few years such as Kate Fletcher's Sustainable Fashion + Textiles and Sandy Black's Eco-Chic The Fashion Paradox, but it goes several extra miles to include all the natural beauty information. By combining ethical fashion and natural beauty in one book Summer Rayne has surely created the veritable eco-style bible for every woman out there.

And finally check out the video below in which Summer Rayne introduces the book in person:

Style, Naturally Book Tour
Summer Rayne Oakes will be on tour with her new book over the next few months. We don't have venue names yet but if you are lucky enough to be in these cities on the following dates then do look out for her. (UPDATE) You can find out when and where Summer Rayne will be on her book tour on the events page of the Style,Naturally website
NYC - 10 February.
London Fashion Week - 20, 24 February
Los Angeles - 12-14 March,
Toronto 18-21 March
Washington DC - 26 March
San Francisco - April
Philidelphia - April
Vancouver - May

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