Book: Dirt Cheap Real Good

dirt cheap.jpg
Dirt Cheap Real Good (Capital Hometown Guides Book) is new guide book brimming with shopping ideas for frugal Mid-Atlantickers. Now, we’re not guaranteeing that everything you’ll find in every one of these flea markets, antique shops, or used clothing stores will meet TreeHugger approval, but we do like that the authors are encouraging you to reuse, recycle, and reduce. (It’s the hippy-at-heart in us.) So if you live in or are visiting D.C., Philly, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, or Raleigh (or Morgantown, WV—but who lives there?) step away from Urban Outfitters, and into the off-beat hood that is Chriss Slevin and Leah Smith’s second-hand stomping grounds. $18.95 (less on Amazon) ::Dirt Cheap Real Good: A Highway Guide to Thrift Stores in the Washington, D.C. Area [by MO]