Book: Cradle to Cradle

Already a classic. McDonough (architect) and Braungart (chemist) propose a new industrial revolution, but this time a green one. They propose that WASTE=FOOD and that there are 2 types of materials; biological nutrients which end up decomposing naturally and technical nutrients which are designed for upcycling e.g. little to no quality is lost in the recycling. With plastic, upcyclable pages, you can read it in the bath! $17. :: Buy Here :: GreenBlue.orgThis is an inspiring book which urges us to radically rethink our approach to design in order to arrive at fully sustainable solutions versus simply tweaking things and designing in a "less bad" manner. The neat thing about the authors is that they are practicing what they preach by doing a bunch of large Architecture and Industrial Design projects with companies such as Ford and Nike. This book is very future. Vive la revolution!!!