Bollywood Star Gives South Asian-Canadians (& Government) a Climate Change Warning

Bollywood Actor Rahul Bose Photo

Image via: Buzz 18

Termed the "Sean Penn of Asian Cinema" by Maxim magazine, Rahul Bose is taking his star power to his South Asian-Canadian community to get out the vote on climate change. Maybe they should call him the Al Gore of Asian Cinema instead. As an Oxfam Ambassador, and someone who already has a resume full of social activism, Bose was an easy candidate for the Climate Action Network Canada "Climate Justice" speaking tour. The tour itself will target swing voters in the South Asian-Canadian community as a way to put political pressure on Canadian leaders to take legislative action to deal with climate change.

While Bose will bring the star power, he will be accompanied by Christina Ora, a 17-year old native of the Solomon Islands, who is there for the emotional vote. She will speak about her direct experience dealing directly with climate change on her home island and the toll it has taken. Some at the Climate Action Network Canada feel the Canadian government is not taking the issue seriously, and is lagging far behind the world in both adaptation as well as green energy issues. When Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn't attend the recent climate meetings in New York, red flags seemed to go up everywhere and many felt it was time to rock the vote. It is hoped that the tour will influence Canadian leaders to take a stronger role at home, as well as during the Copenhagen meetings this December.

To attend an event, or for more information on the tour, check out the Climate Justice Tour. You can also request to host an event, where both speakers will be present, just by filling out their online form. :Climate Action Network Canda
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