Bobby Kennedy, Jr.: "Let's Get Arrested!" (Video)


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Civil Disobedience to Fight Coal
Before Bruce Springsteen took the stage at Bonnaroo over the weekend, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. told a crowd of thousands that "coal is a crime," and called on festival-goers to get arrested with him (and James Hansen) on the 23rd of June at Coal River in West Virginia.

Beforehand, Jacob from TreeHugger Radio and I caught up with the attorney-activist, who heads the Waterkeeper Alliance. Yesterday I posted an interview with Kennedy in which he detailed his problems with Obama's policy on mountaintop coal mining and the "corruption" of his "family friends." The radio interview is here, but see after the jump for the full conversation.

He eloquently described what mountaintop removal looks like, told us why President Obama's refusal to ban mountaintop mining was a "huge disappointment," and explained how the coal companies depend upon "corruption" of politicians, including some of his "family friends" like Democrats Jay Rockefeller and Robert Byrd.

A simple point of his that bears repeating: "If coal was forced to internalize its costs, it couldn't compete against... any of the local, green abundant fuels."

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