Bob Seger Turns The Page To A Greener, Simpler Life


Bob Seger, Motor City's (Detroit) native son and "Old Time Rock 'N Roll(er)" is dropping Chevy - like a rock. Mr. Seger, who recently released a critically praised album is sharing his distaste for the gas-guzzlers that he once celebrated in the road anthems "Night Moves" and "Makin' Thunderbirds." Seger's kissed his former Chevy collection goodbye - according to Starpulse, Seger says "I don't have any of them anymore. Not one, no. You just look at oil prices, and it's just, 'Wow! You've gotta do something.' We consume so much and it can't be good for the economy, the whole country in the final analysis to consume as much as we do." Taking his kids to see "An Inconvenient Truth" added a little eco-twist to his economic concerns about fuel in-efficient transport - ideas that show up in TreeHuggeresque songs like "Simplicity" and "No More" on his new record. ::Via Starpulse and NY Times