Bob Barker Wants You to Stay Away from SeaWorld and More Celebrity News

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Animal rights activist Bob Barker partnered with PETA this week, filming a public service announcement that asks families planning their summer vacation to skip SeaWorld, saying, "Life in cramped tanks is no prize for orcas and dolphins, who want to be free with their families in the ocean. "The former Price is Right host continued, reports Ecorazzi, saying, "Many have died prematurely at SeaWorld after swimming in endless circles and performing dumb tricks day in and day out." Since retiring, Barker has also supported marine life with donations to the Sea Shepherd organization's anti-whaling activities.

Sophia Bush is On the Run for The Nature Conservancy

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Photo: Chris Weeks/WireImage/Getty Images Sophia Bush joined Edward Norton's Crowdrise fundraising site to earn support for her next conservation effort: She's running the San Franciso Marathon to benefit The Nature Conservancy. Bush says she partnered with the organization because she believes in its mission -- "to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive" -- and is asking friends and fans to donate $26 to the project.

Demi Moore Saves Circus Elephants

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Photo: david_shankbone/Creative Commons Demi Moore is doing her part with PETA to end the cruel treatment of circus elephants by asking a Georgia board of commissioners to ban the use of bullhooks -- which are "long wooden or metal sticks with sharp devices on the end designed to inflict pain when striking the elephant," says Vegetarian Star. "Today, elephant sanctuaries and most zoos - including Zoo Atlanta - never use bullhooks or other weapon-like tools to punish elephants," writes the actress. "I hope you will extend that inherent decency to elephants used in circuses... The elephants deserve our kindness, respect, and protection."

Isabel Lucas on Protecting Reefs

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In a blog for The Huffington Post, Australian actress Isabel Lucas -- who you might recognize from "Transformers" -- discusses her work with the Protect Our Coral Sea initiative, which hopes to create a 1 million-square-kilometer marine park next to the Great Barrier Reef. "It would protect a huge diversity of habitats from tropical coral reefs, to species living in the open ocean, to a huge pool of biodiversity living in the depths of the ocean that we don't even know about yet," she writes. "It would serve as a place for inspiration, enjoyment and where the ocean's species -- whales, dolphins, sea turtles, rays -- will all have a safe haven forever." Find our more about the project at Protect Our Coral Sea's website.

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