Blur's Alex James Acts as Eco and Anti Drug Star in Colombia

After having spent two million dollars on cocaine, Alex James, bass player for Blur (of one of the most important brit pop bands in the world), has given a turn in his life.

He took on organic agriculture and cheese production in his own farm (which he writes about in his column for The Independent and is writing a book about), and has now decided to support an anti drug campaign created by the Colombian government called Shared Responsibility. This action aims to raise awareness about the part consuming countries play in the drug problem.

"People in England know milk comes from cows, but not where cocaine comes from", he declared in Colombia a few days ago, according to press agency EFE. "In Europe, people think the damage is made here, which is true in part, but they have to understand a big part of the damage is being made there", he added.

While in Colombia, James is also filming a documentary about drug production for BBC London, which is supposed to air next November 19th. For that he has visited illegal cultivations in the Guaviare jungle (in the south of the country), and in the Macarena Park (center of the Colombia). In those places, 2,2 million hectares of woods were destroyed to plant Coca.

He has also been to Medellin, Cali and in Bogota's jails, where many people is detained for trying to act as a 'mule': that is, transporting small amounts of drugs through airports via the most extreme methods. This activity is an extended practice in many Latin American countries and was portrayed in the Colombian movie Maria full of grace.

However, the most impacting experience for James according to EFE was to play soccer with Colombian children that had been victims of personal mines installed by rebel groups in rural areas. "If this was a smaller country, it would be destroyed", he declared. ::Shared Responsibility campaign ::Alex James columns at The Independent ::Article from The Guardian on his change of life ::Blur
::EFE via La Nacion