Blue Man Group: Environmentally Aware?


This past weekend, we went to check out the Blue Man Group while here in Chicago. For those that haven't had a chance to catch the show yet, it's certainly something to see. With their colorful lights and fantastic music, our eyes were glued to the stage the entire time. One of you wrote in to tell us about the Blue Man Group's campaign to inform people about global warming when we asked "Who's Your Favorite Green Musician." But we have to say, they are definitely more blue than green (ha). Not only are their instruments made from PVC, but if any of you have seen the show, you know how it ends - paper is passed through the audience while their strobe lights are flashing. This TreeHugger couldn't help but cringe as the unbelievable amount of paper unrolled from more rolls than we could possibly count throughout the theater. And the pile at the top of the stage when the lights went on was certainly a site. Does anyone know if they recycle that paper since, according to their website, global warming is one of the most serious problems? ::Blue Man Group

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