Blind Man Gets His Blind Guide Dog a Guide Dog, and Deaf Couple Teaches Deaf Puppy Sign Language


Image: the.myrmidon via flickr

This might possibly be the sweetest story of the year so far: a partially blind man in the UK had a seeing eye dog, Edward, for years. Edward got cataracts, though, and lost his own eyesight—but the man, Graham Waspe, didn't want to part with him.

So Waspe kept Edward around, but got a new guide dog, Opal, who helps them both out. BBC has a must-see video of the trio, which can now be spotted around town, as Laughing Squid put it (click for great picks!): a blind man, his blind guide dog, and their guide dog.

Meanwhile, runner-up for sweetest story—also from the UK—is a deaf couple who is trying to teach sign language to a deaf puppy after she was dumped by a breeder in Ireland because she couldn't hear.

Apparently, Alice has already learned to sit down, sit up, come and roll over—all using sign.

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