Black Pixel: Is it possible to Save Energy one Pixel at a Time?

Image of the Black Pixel Project by Greenpeace Brazil


Greenpeace Brazil has a simple proposition: let's save energy by annulling a square of 50x50 pixels of our computer screens (on CRT and plasma monitors). The campaign presentation is claiming that if one million people join, they can save up to 57 thousand watts an hour.

But keep reading and tell us, Do you think this can make a difference?Greenpeace's Black Pixel Campaign

UPDATE: The project presentation refers to "one pixel" but is actually talking about a square of 50x50 pixels, which would make a 2500 pixels square. The calculation of 0.057 is for that square.

According to the project presentation, one installed black pixel will save 0.057 watts per hour, so if one million people join, it will make 57 thousand watts per hour. This is equivalent to 1425 40W light-bulbs turned off per hour and can save up to 70 kilogrames of CO2 (if the energy for that came from a coal plant). From the campaign they make it clear that this only works on CRT and plasma monitors.

How do you join? By downloading a light piece of software that places a black square in your monitor (which you can place wherever in the screen you want).

Video from the campaign.

The campaign, called Black Pixel, was developed by advertising agency Almap BBDO and Greenpeace Brazil, with technical assistance provided by the Recife Advanced Studies Centre.

Saving Energy with Black Backgrounds and Websites

So what's the color of your screen has to do with saving carbon emissions? The subject became popular when a few years ago it was noted that a black version of Google would save energy.

This is because a monitor uses less energy to display a black page than a white one (in a CRT monitor, it's about 74 watts for an all white web page and only 59 watts for an all black one).

The subject became so popular that even a black version of Google came out, Blackle.

Now Greenpeace Brazil is taking a step back and asking you to give up only one tiny part. What do you think? Will it work?

Greenpeace Black Pixel

Thanks Patricio and Cecilia for the tip!

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