Bjork Releases Environmental Documentary... and other Eco-Musician Updates

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While the musical impact of Bjork is clear (no need to explain the genius) and the fashion impact apparent (no need to INSERT ANOTHER SWAN OUTFIT JOKE HERE), her global environmental impact is on the rise with today's release of Nattura-Summer 2008 on iTunes. It's the artist's swan song to Iceland and the climate issues it faces (fine, I couldn't resist the pun). More on Bjork after the jump, along with some updates on how other musicians (The Indigo Girls, Annie Lennox, Sigor Ros and more) are currently singing green.Bjork's Nattura-Summer 2008

Available today exclusively on iTunes , Nattura Summer 2009 is a documentary focused on energy and the environmental issues facing Bjork's native country. Featuring commentary from Bjork herself, interviews with notable environmentalist and scholars (Omar Ragnarsson and Andri Snaer Magnason) as well as other prominent Icelandic figures, the film is centered around exploring the concept of alternative energy and how it can apply to the Icelandic environment.

From Bjork's Web site:

Directed by Charlie Lightening, Nattura—Summer 2008 focuses on the proposed plans to increase the use of aluminum smelters as a means to harness Iceland's natural energy. As an alternative to these industrial practices, the documentary offers innovations and attempts to reinvigorate a larger discussion and debate on these key issues...

The documentary continues Björk's close involvement with the Nattura Campaign, which was founded in an effort to generate alternative, sustainable and eco-friendly ways to utilize Iceland's natural resources. In Björk's own words, "It is now more important than ever before to emphasize a respect for nature I believe that profits, technological advances and working together with nature can all go hand in hand. None need to be sacrificed at the expense of the others."

All proceeds from the film go to the Nattura Campaign —a good thing, considering this is a time when the icy country is dealing with a major meltdown—both environmentally and economically.

The Indigo Girls Gear up for the Road
The Indigo Girls are hitting the road this month in support of their new album, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, in transportation the sea god himself would approve of: a biodiesel-powered tour bus.

Sir Paul McCartney, Sigor Ros, Annie Lenox join World Fair Trade Day Campaign BIG BANG!!!

110 Million artisans, farmers, producers and supporters including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox, Eddie Izzard, Sigur Ros and many others have joined together to support BIG BANG!!, a "wake-up call for the planet, and promote a Fair Trade solution to poverty, climate change and economic crisis." The event takes place on May 9th. Why called the "big bang"? Well, the idea is a global day of drumming and drum circles to "make noise" for fair trade. My last drum circle was at a Phish show circa mid-90's, and I'm pretty sure were weren't trying to make noise for anything other, noise? I'll be watching to see if this beat can move legislation, not just dancing concertgoers.

Speaking of Iceland, Sigur Ros will be there drumming on Big Bang day. Whether or not Bjork joins in has yet to be seen

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