BJ and Tyler: Will the Hippies Win the Amazing Race Tonight?

TreeHugger readers new and old seem to join most of the US Amazing Race audience in really digging The Hippies. The straggly and sometimes partly pant-less duo won last week after consuming bowls of grasshoppers and crickets. Despite this recent show of strength, Mo Jo are rooting for the "Frat Boys," Eric and Jeremy, to share the $1 million. While BJ and Tyler clearly are goofy guys, they don't think much is funny about peace, love and understanding. Evidence: moments ago BJ answered my call from the limo they're sharing with The Frats (I presume en route to the finale!). What will happen? Do you think Ray and Yolanda will pull ahead on the home stretch? Bonus questions: 1) What have BJ and Tyler's reality caricatures done to help or hinder the image of hippies everwhere? and, 2) What should they do with their $ if they win?? Comment after the jump! :: The Amazing Race 9