BJ and Tyler from The Amazing Race: Hippy Power!

We've gotten our fair share of flack for hippy-bashing around here, but today in this here post, it's all about hippy love. BJ and Tyler, the controversial "hippies" from The Amazing Race, are pals of mine. Television Without Pity fans have discussed (and dissed) them more than any other team, as they have consistently struggled in that primordial battle against the "frat boys" for first and second place. What is a hippy? Judging by the show's requirements, a wacky guy from California with long-ish hair and crazy outfits. But since these hippies add well-educated, multi-lingual, athletic, and hard-working to the package, they are tweaking stereotypes, and may make it out of last place and win (I hope!) . While the Amazing Race isn't the most TreeHuggerish of endeavors, with all the flying, helicopter driving, etc., Tyler's documentary Kintaro Walks Japan is by comparison all about, well, walking across Japan. If you're in LA, you can get small doses of BJ silliness at the Improv Olympic West. This Wednesday might be your last chance to catch them on the tube, so root for Team Hippy! Update: See our latest post about BJ and Tyler, "BJ and Tyler: Will the Hippies Win the Amazing Race Tonight?", and leave your comments over there!