Bitchin', Green Dudes: Body Glove's Eco Wetsuit


Using materials like "Bio Stretch" rubber and "Eco Flex" exterior, Body Glove has created the "first environmentally friendly wetsuit." While the folks at Patagonia might have something to say about that, Body Glove's "Eco Wetsuit" can boast 100% petroleum-free materials which consume "1/10th the amount of energy normally used in the manufacturing of standard petroleum based wetsuits." As we've noted before, surfing and TreeHugging go together like fair trade chocolate and organic peanut butter; it's good to see more ways to walk the walk (and, hey, if you can look as bad-ass as this guy, why not?) before paddling out for some tasty waves. Get all the details about the Eco Wetsuit at ::Body Glove via ::Core77

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