Bioviva - If You're Game

So you’ve been reading Treehugger for while and reckon your eco-knowledge is pretty damn good, huh? Well, try these questions: Which insect gives birth to its children and grandchildren at the same time? In which US city do police inspect the garbage cans to make sure the trash has been sorted properly? Certain fish are capable of climbing trees: True or False? What was found inside a hailstone that fell in the state of Mississippi in the US in 1894 -- a bird, turtle or pair of scissors? Thanks to computers, the consumption of paper has dropped sharply in the US: True or False? In which country has 75% of the wet tropical rainforest been destroyed: Chile, Congo or Australia. Just some of the 900 mind boggling questions in the environmental board game, Bioviva. Conceived in France, and manufactured both there and Canada, from complelely recycled and recyclable materials and printed with non-toxic vegetable inks. Even the storage box is made from one single piece, with no adhesives used. Winner of over 13 awards, Bioviva is suitable for ages 8 up and takes about 1 hour to play for 2 to 6 players. You win by being the first to visit many of the planets bio-regions like tundra, rainforest, desert. No political boundaries are shown on the map. Gets rave reviews for enhancing environmental education. ::Bioviva or see the ::Trial Version.