Biodegradable Golf Tees from Eco Golf

We already know that Eco Golf makes a golf ball that biodegrades in water, for tricky water hazards or rounds played from a cruise ship. Happily, they also manufacture a biodegradable golf tee that looks and feels just like the wooden tees most golfers still use. Made from corn (you can get the technical specs about the degradable corn polymers they use here), the tees biodegrade in about a year in an active, organic environment; this is about three times fast than the traditional wooden tee. They also last an average of 9.65 drives per tee, compared to 4.21 drives per wood tee, and when they do get left behind, don't splinter and cause blade damage when chopped up by the golf-course mower. Eco Golf claims to be saving over 100,000 trees a year with their corn-based tees, which is certainly good news to our friends at the Kabi Organic Golf Course. $25 US will get you 1,000 tees. ::Eco Golf